jueves, 31 de enero de 2013

Tools: brushes

If you want to join the world of nail art and learn how to make the designs you see on the web, the first thing you'll need are brushes. There are three main options:

Option 1: Nail art brushes

You can buy on ebay for less than 3 dollars a set of 15 specific nail art brushes. It won't be of very good quality, but to start practicing and discovering which brush you use the most it will be perfect.

Option 2: art brushes

The second option other artists and I propose is to buy art brushes although they aren't specific to nail. You can find them at any craft store in your town and its quality will be much better, so they will last longer. Purchase those who know you will almost certainly use more, such as a very small one that allows you to make details.

Option 3: Do it yourself!

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