jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

Paint your nails properly

Here I come with a knowledge that, in my opinion, is basic: properly painted nails. Stained cuticles spoil the beauty of the design, and after all the effort, is it worth?

Here 's a video (watch it in HD) in which I show you in a more practical way what I do, and then some tips to follow.

1. Before starting wash your hands and do not touch the nails.
2. If you think you'll stain your cuticles, put a little bit of vaseline around the nail. The enamel will be easier to remove.
3. Apply a first layer of a good base coat. It is important for it to be good as it will be in direct contact with your natural nail and will add vitamins, harden them and you'll notice that your nails grow faster. Nails will not become yellowish if you follow this step.
4. Get the color you like. Place the brush as close as you can to the cuticle without touching it and move upwards. It is best to try to leave a small part of it unpainted, so you certainly will not stain the cuticles. In the first layer you can spend more time improving the edges with small strokes. In the second layer tries to cover the whole nail with three. Center, left and right.
5. Finally add a top coat. Seals your design or polish and make it last longer, so it is important for it to be good.

Let dry all layers before going to the other!

While the base coat and the top coat are of good quality -I use the Flormar and  mercadona ones that are cheap and work great- does not matter the quality of the nail polish.

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